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Joshua McNichols and Carolyn Adolph
Left to Right: "Is Amazon's diversity problem a Seattle neighborhood problem?" by Joshua McNichols, Dec. 15, 2017; Joshua McNichols and Carolyn Adolph, members of the Region of Boom team.
Caryn Mathes
Our calling is to promote dialogue, to expose truths and to bring people together around sound stories told by sound voices.”
Caryn G. Mathes, President and General Manager, KUOW

Our Mission: To create and serve a more informed public, one challenged and invigorated by an understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.

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We welcomed more than 10,000 new members in 2017.

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New Members, 2015-2017

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Left to Right: “‘Aloha spirit’ is behind Hawaii’s fight against Trump’s travel ban,” by Kim Malcolm & Katherine Banwell, Dec. 5, 2017; “District didn’t want us to visit this struggling Seattle school,” by Ann Dornfeld, Oct. 18, 2017.

Sound stories depend on sound voices. We searched for those voices throughout the Puget Sound region and amplified them in the community and on the air.

We took our Listening Tours beyond the city limits and met people in Kent, Bremerton, Marysville and Black Diamond to see how our region’s growth is changing and challenging people beyond Seattle.”
Caryn G. Mathes, President and General Manager, KUOW
Sound Stories

What’s Your Question?

In 2017, our reporters dug into 27 questions submitted by the community about the Puget Sound region, ranging from “Why doesn’t Seattle have more stop signs?” to “What do San Juan Islanders do with their trash?”

Sound Voices

“Ask a...” Series

“Ask A...” is an ongoing series of person-to-person conversation events. In our first full season, we set up different conversations between people from a group in the news and people who wanted to learn more about them.

Arts & Culture

Front Row Center

We brought the community together to experience and discuss local art through a series of nine in-person events in 2017. From live theater to museum exhibits and more, each Front Row Center event offered a glimpse into the creative process.

Marcie Sillman talks with Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Sarah Ricard Orza and Peter Boal during KUOW’s Front Row Center.


We met young people where they are—in their schools and in their neighborhoods—and engaged them in hands-on media production so they could tell their own stories. Nineteen 16- to 18-year-olds participated in the Intro to Journalism Workshop, and we offered mobile and “pop-up” community workshops to 432 young people throughout the Seattle area.

Our 2017 impact in numbers
Nationally recognized stories created by RadioActive students
RadioActive graduates hired for ongoing outreach assistant work
RadioActive alumni working at KUOW

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Average Weekly Broadcast Listeners; Average Time Listening Per Week

We launched four podcasts in 2017—one million downloads (and counting).

How's Your Day Podcast
Arts & Culture

How’s Your Day?

Telling you a story you don’t know from a day we all remember.

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Prime(d) Podcast
Region of Boom


What happens when Amazon comes to your town.

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How's Your Day Podcast


Exploring the choices we make in a world we have changed.

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How's Your Day Podcast
Sound Voices

Second Wave

An American story that begins in Vietnam.

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To make listening easier wherever you are, we launched new iOS and Android apps.

Powered by the People.

Trump’s latest travel ban met with prayer in Seattle,” by Liz Jones, Oct. 19, 2017.

In the past ten years, our revenue from individual members has more than doubled.

Members & Revenue Chart
Members & Revenue Chart

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of our members gave less than $100 in 2017.

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70% of KUOW’s overall expenses in 2017 were for program services. Those services were powered by revenue, 89% of which came from you: the community of listeners and local businesses that support us.

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